About Mr. Brick


Mr. Brick is a simple, sarcastic guy who lives with his simply sarcastic dog. They hope you enjoy their snarky walk through life. Update: The sarcastic dog died.

Mr. B, as his friend(s) calls him, is a tidy guy. From time to time he likes to clean out the cobwebs from his brain.

What better place to write about what he finds inside his skull than right here on a blog?  So, basically, if you can read between the lines, what he is saying is, he really doesn’t know what the heck he will write about.

According to his official interweb biography, some of his favorite things in life are, midnight walks on the beach, The Dave Matthews Band, kittens and the smell of the springtime in, well, the spring.

Oh, who the hell is he kidding? Mr. Brick is actually a semi-recluse, potential hoarder who needs to be medically weened off of McRibs, chili cheese fries, and Diet Coke. He was once banned from Twitter for using 281 characters.

Mr. Brick is not a professional blogger, no one would ever pay him for this crap. He also can not write every day about just one topic, like cupcakes or dirty diapers. The one thing you should know is that whatever comes out of his noggin won’t be boring, it will be pure comic gold. Sometimes he’s not even smarter than a 3rd grader so he draws a blog post instead of writing one.

He has actually achieved some real street cred. Mr. Brick is the author and illustrator of 5 children’s books in a series called, The Rat Pack of Hollywood. He also wrote the successful crime novel, inTWINition of Murder.

Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully, you like the blog enough to subscribe.

You can also follow him on Twitter @MrBricksBlog  You can check out what he can do with a box of magic markers by looking at his graphic design work, click here.  

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16 thoughts on “About Mr. Brick

  1. It’s nearly impossible these days to find snort-worthy blogs, and that’s basically all I have the patience to read. Life is short. You spend a long time dead. I’ve decided to spend a few minutes of my short life reading more of your words. Look forward to it, Mr. Bricks. I know they won’t disappoint.


  3. Hello–not sure what you do for a living (and not trying to pry and really don’t need to know), but just want to say that you are quite hilarious. And so is your dog, at least judging by the photos — and I really mean it in a good way.

    1. Thanks for the kind comments. Seriously, my parents have also been asking me my whole life that same question, what do I do for a living?? I fancy myself as a writer and illustrator and want to think my hard work will someday pay off. I grew up in Washington state, moved to LA for 20 years, moved back to Washington state and now would love to be able to move back to LA.

      Mr Bricks

      My dog sunny thanks you for the kind comment about him as well. He makes me pay him a dollar everytime someone comments about him on my blog other wise he says he will pee inside the house. So far he has extorted $1,265 from me. Freakin’ dog.

    1. Thanks for the recognition.On behalf of the blogging community I humbly accept this award.
      And I would like to thank the blogging academy, my dog Sunny and Al Gore for inventing the internet.

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